Guide to Cranes & Hoists

Need a crane with a hoist but don’t know where to begin?   Below is a beginner’s guide to cranes and hoists which will help you get started.

A material lifting system is composed of two or three basic parts, depending upon one’s application.  The two basic parts in all lifting systems are the crane and the hoist.  A third basic part that is occasionally present is a trolley.

Material lifting system cranes are available in many sizes and configurations.  Some of them are movable and some are designed to remain in one place.  Gantry cranes are popular lifting systems and are easily recognizable because they look like swing sets.  Jib cranes are also popular and these cranes have an arm which often is designed to move in an arc.  Portable cranes are ideal for moving heavy items short distances.

Material lifting system hoists are also available in many sizes and configurations.  Some hoists are operated using a hand chain.  Other hoists are operated using a lever.  If the hoist is going to be used often, one may want to consider a hoist that has an electric motor.

Material lifting system trolleys, like cranes and hoists, are also available in many sizes and configurations.  A trolley is used to move the hoist along the support beam of the crane.

The cranes, hoists and trolleys shown on our website is only a fraction of the material lifting system items we have available for purchase.

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