Guide to Cafeteria Furniture

Cafeteria furniture is available in styles that must be attached to the floor, as well as, styles that can be moved.  Styles that must be attached to the floor are generally considered more informal and usually easier to clean.  Styles that are movable are generally considered more upscale, but are still cleaned quite easily.

Cafeteria furniture that must be attached to the floor can be somewhat daunting to select because of the large number of seat types, frame types and possible colors that are available.  The usual starting point with this type of furniture is the decision between individual seats or bench seats.  The next consideration is usually what mix of frames types best meets your space and customer requirements.  Lastly, color selection is required to complete your layout.

Cafeteria furniture that is movable is normally more familiar to our potential customers because it resembles the furniture in their home.  Nonetheless, considerable thought is required when selecting chair types, table tops and colors in order to make selections that will have long lasting appeal to both you and your customers.

In addition to our tables and chairs, we also offer matching trash receptacles to complete your furniture purchase for you restaurant or cafeteria.

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