About Us:

Diverse Supply, Inc. is excited to bring to you our website www.PlatformsandLadders.com. We created this website to make the industrial maintenance and equipment handling purchasing process simple with our easy to navigate site, knowledgeable staff and unbelievable pricing. 

Established by a group of industry professionals, we each bring to you numerous years of experience and passion in the industrial maintenance handling and equipment sector. Our highly qualified staff have established great reputations and business relationships with each of our vendors and manufacturers.  Call today and let us help with any of your industrial maintenance and equipment needs.


Our Mission:

Diverse Supply’s mission is to simplify the purchase and delivery of various products needed in a business environment by:

  • Providing an easy to navigate website
  • Having well trained knowledgeable staff
  • Offering competitive pricing
  • Shopping freight rates for you
  • Providing a simple and convenient purchase process

We will, of course, sell our products to homeowners, but our focus is to make the hectic lives of purchasing agents in the United States a little less hectic.

An easy to navigate website is designed with you in mind to make it easy to find what you need by clicking on tiles until you arrive at a product page describing a product that may suit your needs.  Many Internet websites have so many “bells and whistles” that finding what you actually want to buy can be difficult. 

A well trained staff is ready to take your call and answer questions you have regarding our products.  We want the product you purchase to function properly in the application you have in mind.

Competitive pricing is maintained by periodically searching competitor’s websites for lower pricing.  If you find a lower price on the identical products, please call us.  In many cases we will match the price.

Freight rates based on your zip code, in conjunction with our purchasing power, assures you that delivery we arrange on your behalf is an added value of our purchase process.  After our well trained staff answers your product related questions, simply give us your zip code and we will “shop” freight rates with different carriers for you in order to save you money.  After you give us the approval on the freight, we will arrange delivery to your office or loading dock.

A simple and convenient purchase process is always assured because we make every sale on the phone with you.  Once your questions about the product are answered and you have approved the freight rate, our representative will take your credit card information over the phone during the same call and complete the purchase process.  Your credit card information is NEVER stored on our computers making a theft of your credit card number by Internet hackers impossible.

For questions you may have that are not answered on this page, please access our terms and conditions page located here or give us a call instead.

We at Diverse Supply, Inc. look forward to doing business with you – please give us a call!