Guide to Custom Products

A custom product may be what you need.

Often one looks for an item to use in their business, but is unsuccessful in their search locating what is needed.  Platforms and Ladders offers custom versions of many of the items we sell.

Custom work platforms are our most common customized product.  Although we offer a wide variety of "off the shelf" platforms, finding the one that fits the bill may be impossible.  The height may be to high or low, the work area may not be the right size or shape or the construction material may have to be of a different type (such as stainless steel).

Similar to work platforms, "off the shelf" ladders often do not fit the bill for the aforementioned reasons.  Accordingly, custom ladders, both custom rolling ladders and custom fixed ladders, are our second most common customized product.

Industrial stairways are often customized as well.  When a mezzanine has to be accessed and an "off the shelf" stairway height does not match, a custom stairway matching the height of the mezzanine is easy for us to supply.  We can include custom stairway landings in the design allowing for 90 degree and 180 degree turns.

If a hopper is needed and what you see on our website is too high or too low, or too wide or too narrow, or needs casters and a push handle, please give us a call.  We will discuss what you desire with the manufacturing facility and hopefully be able to accommodate your needs.

Although custom ladders, custom platforms, custom stairways and custom hoppers are our most commonly requested custom products, please call us to discuss the possibility of customizing any of our products.

Contact us today and let one of our experts help you design the custom product that will best meet your needs. 

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