Guide to Stairways

Diverse Supply offers both industrial stairways and access stairway ladders.  True stairways have an easy slope that one can descend facing away from the stairway and still conform to OSHA standards.  The access stairway ladder is really a ladder instead of a stairway, has a steeper slope and must be descended facing the stairway ladder in order for one to conform to OSHA standards.  Some of the questions that must be answered to ensure an appropriate stairway or stairway ladder are selected are:

  • Am I looking on the web site at a true stairway or a stairway ladder?
  •  How much room will the stairway or stairway ladder require?
  • What, if anything, will be carried by the person on the stairway or stairway ladder?
  • What should the stairway or stairway ladder be made of?

Am I looking at a true stairway or a stairway ladder?  The slope on the true stairway will appear to be around 40 degrees.  On the other hand, the slope on a stairway ladder will appear to be around 60 degrees.  Please ask a Diverse Supply representative for help if needed.  The remainder of this blog will refer to both the true stairway and the access stairway ladder as stairways.

How much room will the stairway require?  The width of the stairway must be considered, but this dimension is seldom a factor.  The run of the stairway must also be considered when selecting a stairway and it is often a factor.   The run of the stairway is the length of floor space required for the stairway.  One must have enough floor space to accommodate the run of the stairway and a “landing area” roomy enough for one to exit the stairway safely.

What, if anything, will be carried by the person on the stairway?  If anything bulky or heavy is being carried, one should select a true stairway instead of a stairway ladder.

What should the stairway be made of?  Stairways are usually made of painted steel and are intended for indoor use only, but some models are available in aluminum and stainless steel.  Painted steel stairways are less expensive, but they must be protected from the elements.  Aluminum and stainless steel stairways are more expensive, but they are rust resistant.

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